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The crisis of islam and the inexorable secularization of islamic culture

April 19th, 2016 · No Comments


This video gyrates between controversial perspectives, and won’t stand as is. But the left is often as confused here.

We need first to consider what part is played in the jihadic phenomenon by false flag black ops by the Israeli and US covert agencies, and the spread of this to other governments, e.g. the French. Until we can clarify that we are simply in a morass. Look at Isis: did moslems really produce this or is it in part a false flag construct?

In any case, the actions of the wars in the Middle East, most of which we can see are artificially created, like the Iraq and Afghan wars, have so destabilized the middle east that the phenomenon of immigration has become critical. Here the false altruism of the European countries is confusing the issue. There is no long term solution in the islamization of west. It is a bogus idea with a superficial and temporary potential. But in the end the secularization of Islam is inevitable, either before or after doing a lot of harm.

But the real harm is the covert ops of the US/Israel covert agencies, along with the capitalist depradations ultimately connected with oil. But the situation is made worse by the sheer stupidity of governments like the Egyptian which are totally incapable of anything intelligent.

The immigration problem could be resolved if the Western countries to rein in the economic havoc created by global capitalism. That would allow countries in the middle east to defend themselves against imperialist economics, and to create viable societies that would not drive so many to emigration.

Beyond that secularization could be achieved better with some better understanding of the complex called ‘Islam’ than what we have now, e.g. obvious Israel plants like Sam Harris.

But the time for sentimental Islamic views has past: a world crisis resulting form islamization would drive the world system into a frenzy. The world is under no spiritual obligation to submit to the archaic, regressive, and in many ways unintelligent canon of islam. And the problem is made worse by a hidden mafia of sufi operators who have annexed an ancient esoteric teaching of the soul, and made it into a dangerous form of spiritual slavery. It is my suspicion this was found out several generations ago by various occult/covert agencies who have fomented the demolition of islamic culture.
Corrupt sufi esotericism is indeed a terrible danger, but the solution is by no means clear, and it has nothing to do with islamization.

I think the tactics of western governments to open their welfare systems to immigrant populations without restriction is confused and self-defeating. The only real solution is to stop the destruction of home economies by capitalist/covert predation so that local economies can modernize and support their own populations. The Iraq war as much as anything else destabilized the whole middle eastern milieu and we know now the Israeli connection to this grotesque crime.

In any case, Islam is a religion at its end stage, irregardless of other considerations. We should not give it the license of false conquest of the future of those who struggled so hard for secularization.

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