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(Market) neo-communism as the negation of capitalism and communism

April 23rd, 2016 · No Comments

Why Free-Market Capitalism Will Follow Communism Into the Trash-Heap of History—Part III:

Let us note that our formulation of (market) neo-communism is by no means to be found in the trash heap of history: it doesn’t exist yet, and hasn’t been tried, and follows the dialectical pattern of ‘whatever is possible’ after B negates A, etc…
We are in a unique situation now: we have seen (pseudo-)communism fail, and now we see the spectacular failure of capitalism. We must reinvent a third, which will resemble communism but be a new a more realizable outcome.

Our idea of ‘market communism’, please note, is not as such an economic system, but a constitutional starting point where the means of production are part of the Commons. The economic system that follows from that remains up in the air.

A lot of confusion has arisen over the issue of markets versus communism, but now that we see that communism was inefficient, but markets are proving fatal, we can focus a bit more keenly on some kind of solution.

In market (neo-)communism we have many possibilities, but the basic point is that no one like Exxon could get away with knowingly trashing a planet for the profit of its shareholders. We are actually in the middle of that grotesque and disastrous outcome, and we need to change our assumptions ASAP…

Let us note that skeptics need to be challenged at this point. Market communism? Consider the US at the start of WWII: the government took over a huge sector of the means of production, and the result was actually more efficient.

So we need to stop being hoodwinked by free market ideologists.

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