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Chomsky is the biggest bullshitter, and their main leader, how un-anarchistic

April 25th, 2016 · No Comments


A left agenda might, for example, pursue four central economic goals — better quality of daily economic experience, more fairness, better production priorities and increased mutual compassion.

, etc…etc…

That’s a substitute for doing much of anything. We have decades of this kind of well-wishing, and it goes nowhere.

This wouldn’t be too bad save that now the moment of real change with a new framework, The Next System teach-ins, has been captured by such as Chomsky and his followers and the results aren’t going to go anywhere.
We need a socialist resolution on these questions and it we don’t want ‘state socialism’ we are going to remain with a bourgeois revolution, and almost certainly not even that. State socialism has many definitions, to reject all of them is to give up.

There is a long list of co-signers here at the end of the article, so I must be wary of blaming Chomsky here. But we are in the same morass that stalled the OWS movement, and now is going to dispatch the Sanders movement into oblivion.

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