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Next System: (market) neo-communism: national/global: electoral to revolutionary…climate change and control of capital

April 27th, 2016 · No Comments

https://www.google.com/search?q=next+system&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8: Next System links

We had some hard remarks about Chomsky and the kind of rehashed OWS that he seems to preside over.

We can take the slogan, Next System, for another view.

To marxists, I would say: look at the wary the marxist legacy has been lost by the OWS, Sanders, Next System activists, whose efforts will amount to little, we suspect. That was part of what was behind Last and First Men: a stance critical of marxism, but as such a way to make use of its core, redone and updated/upgraded.
Let’s stop the compromises…
First compromise is the deletion of revolutionary potential. Actually our market communism is a compromise, possibly. It can also be both the best solution and/or a navigation to pure communism.

Here is a short list for a neo-communism
focus on a Universal Class
a larger framework than historical materialism
a new and more general philosophic foundation
revolution as the realization of modernity beyond capitalism

action of Universal Class as working class to activate the de facto ‘working class’
focus on class struggle, class ideology, class economic theory, …

telling the truth about 9/11 (and other documentable dot.gov criminality):
a general indictment of the US government, and its covert agencies
a brief of charges: e.g. racketeering, false flat state terrorism…
an outline of known research on neo-liberalism…

a new humanistic postmarxism that focuses on the history of the Marx/Engels legacy, instead of dogmatizing its canon

a new critique of marginalist economics
an answer to the calculation debate
a stance on planning
possibility of market enterprises with entrepreneurs under state control with some autonomy
a possible market communism as a transitional constitutional neo-communism which returns private property (capital, bourgeoisie) to a commons
a threshold communism that allows a cutoff for an semi-autonomous set of social sectors
a new definition of democracy in the context of restricted macroeconomic rights //separation of powers between economic planners, citizen economic rights, and public/political legislation…
a solution to the one-party state problem
abolition and reformation of all covert agencies
public domain expose of all dirty secrets
steps toward internationalization of initiatives… (recovering ground lost after 1989)


And last on list, but first on the agenda: a neo-communist stance on climate change and rigorous control of national, then international capital.

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