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Is the elite counting on air conditioners to stage a population collapse?

April 30th, 2016 · No Comments

That’s the ‘paranoid conspiracy’ interpretation, but it is hard to believe the elites are anything but liars on climate change. To be sure, the hold of market delusion is great, and once the idea of self-regulating markets takes hold the economic hallucination begins to induce the conviction among the intelligent that they can’t defy ‘mathematics’ to challenge the canon of neo-classical economics. It is a strange form of intellectual fatality, and its suffers the peculiar propaganda plus of being endorsed by those intelligent enough to understand the surface theory, remaining unable to see the way pseudo-science has arisen from an imitation of physics.

But we have to assume that major sectors of the elite understand the danger and don’t even care. End Times religious fanatics are also at fault here, and think apocalyptically at disaster as the gateway to heaven.
The other obvious issue is the straight jacket of profit demanded by absentee capitalists, no doubt in air conditioned bunkers by now: every year, quarter and month drives the inherent drive is fueled with ‘or else’.

The obvious point: there is no escape from this system via logical thinking. There is only one real remedy: shutting off the system of automatic self-destruction, capitalism.

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