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Red Fortyeight Group: interacting with non-violent activism

May 1st, 2016 · No Comments


This is an important and interesting article but the facts speak for themselves: since the death of Gandhi, and MLK, the use of non-violent tactics may have accomplished many things, but it was really the period of the triumph of the neo-liberal closure on democracy, with no protest to speak of. How do we deal with this situation? We are about to disappear from history holding non-violent demonstrations.

However, the antithesis to non-violence is not defined. All it means here is that democratic revolutions gave birth to modern freedoms and had a mixture of strategies. The American Revolution was an actual war. The French Revolution was forced to defend itself from attack via revolutionary wars.

If we agree to this, we still have to be very careful of what we mean, say and do, but we are not obliged to be coopted by what at this point is the system of domination which includes the right of state to violence and the sentimental ‘demand’ of activists to use non-violent tactics.

The minute we allow a spectrum of methods, and see that non-violence is often the only option, then the theme in this type of article comes back to life.

But in the end we must wrest power from the lunatics who control the current system or we are dead. Since we are already dead, perspectives on the issue change rapidly.

Most of us as activists are thumbsuckers who wish to go home from protest to watch Netflix. So be it for the moment, any other kind of tactic requires careful thought, good leadership, and bottom stomach nerve, with or without Netflix cancellation.

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