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The more I consider the issue of a ‘new communism’ the more I suspect the old marxist canon is holding ‘marxists’ back. Thus the suggestion for a radical streamlining based on the single principle of the expropriation of the ‘bourgeoisie’, the basic core of the now classic Communist Manifesto. In a way that is all that is needed as the legacy is transformed into something new and that doesn’t have to answer to the failures of bolshevism/stalinism.
There is a rule of behaviorist action: habit, repetition, and authoritarian dogma produce mechanization, which is in a frozen state, a good depiction of cultic marxism that cannot produce a program of action, or appeal to the general public whose mindset has shifted from that of the era of the Second Internationale.
Marxists need to consider the OWS and Sanders campaigns: fresh approaches to the socialist idea invoke immediate response, in the case of the OWS a global response. If the further left can get itself ready a similar response will be possible with a radical neo-communism. It may have to ditch its marxist canon with its many confusions. The core of that canon can be restated around our minimal take (cf. previous post).

We have lost the insight that a ‘new communism’ is a complex variant of democracy and that its realization can be achieved as a rational upgrade. Since any such idea would generate very considerable opposition its transitional passage could prove more difficult, putting democracy at risk.

But it is important to see that democracy has already been lost and that a new communism must sell its wares as both an upgrade and a restoration of democracy, to the extent possible in a transitional civil conflict with immensely powerful and insidious capitalists who control governments and even covert agencies. We need a project to restore/upgrade democracy via a revolutionary transition that may hold democracy as virtual, especially since it doesn’t really exist anymore. But the Russian revolution has confused the issue: a starting point of Tsarism resulted in an endpoint of a new tyranny. We need to debrief and then exit that nightmare, and ensure a caesura by simply cutting the link with the whole corpus with its many liabilities, from historical materialism as a theory, to dialectical materialism as a mythology, to economic theory displaced by the neo-classical economic finesse and its immensely successful mystification of the issues of theory, one that has left the classical upholders of the material such as that of Marx’s Capital unable to properly respond.
It is time for a radical new activist formation (e.g. The Red Forty-eight Group) to take the core of the original idea of communism with a minimal take from classic marxism, e.g. the Manifesto, and to completely re-write the whole stance of neo-communism.

My suggestions are:

a general critique of the issues of capitalist economy…that exists already
ditching theories like historical materialism which are not scientific and which freeze the future potential of freedom in causal derterminism
investigative exposure of the 9/11 conspiracies and the legacy of the covert agencies
exposure of the legacy of social darwinist darwinism and a replacement with a new perspective on evolution: the darwinian framework is an invitation to slaughter on both sides…
a criminal indictment of the American government
a strategy for national/international action to create a viable postcapitalism: the expropriation of capital on a global basis, an immensely and seemingly improbable task. But the moment of chaos is coming: it is essential to at least be ready…

A revolutionary neo-communism that has a robust economic populism armed with a global strategic plan could prove immensely popular. The moment of crisis is accelerating and if calamities such as the depopulation of the Middle East and North Africa are predicted we can see that just as with the First World War the coming chaos will be the real first stage of revolution.

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