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Biologists are too paranoid about design

May 11th, 2016 · No Comments



It would seem the only answer to the religious right’s attack on ‘evolution’ is the Dawkins mainline strategy of the miracles of natural selection, and that strategy, whether the result of stupidity or duplicity, hasn’t worked. It only serves to make the resistance more stubborn. Scientists should adopt a new strategy. Stop peddling straight darwinism, natural selection, as science. It only serves to confuse all students of science, while, in a great irony, it fails to convince the most religiously doctrinaire in the Bible Belt.

Knock your knuckles on your head: lying doesn’t work. All the people being lied to have read Denton’s Evolution A Theory in Crisis and know better than to take scientists at their word on evolution. This is a ridiculous situation.

The correct strategy is to simply state the truth: the real theory of evolution doesn’t exist yet. We see the facts of evolution in deep time and that has a robust science roundabout the main gap in theory. But that theory is still elusive, and the solution is not religious belief. It is not religious belief is metaphysical, and design arguments can be on the boundary. But the job of science should be to posit design in nature.

Thus part of the problem is the stupid theory of the Dawkins cult of natural selection: it drives dissent.

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