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Facing reality on the left…

May 11th, 2016 · No Comments

Noone in the current left has any serious strategy. It has all been subtly sabotaged by anarchists, phony gandhians, dead beat marxists, 9/11 denial syndrome, tacit embrace of social darwinist evolutionism, and is further confused by the demand for growth economics to support a populist initiative against inequality. And, I almost forgot: Israeli control of american politics and its gross apartheid state, next to increasing religious idiocy from the religious right…Is that all?

The basic elements needed require a revolutionary strategy, which seems impossible, but the current left has explored the other options, with none quite like the remarkable effort of Sanders, but that seems on its way to failure. That strategy exists in the marxist world, but this realm is inert, and stuck in a mechanization of thought that can only flaunt the now unpopular ‘2nd Internationale’ versions of Marx/Engels. This are inert in part perhaps due to just this mechanization.

Whether that’s true or not, and I can’t actually reject totally the broad spectrum of soft activism as cited, the left needs to tear up their marx notes and start over with the basic outline of what happened in the wake of the French Rev (Babeuf onward, etc…) and recast their praxis, if they have any.

A wholly new movement may be necessary. I suggested The Red Fortyeight Group, after the website redfortyeight.com. I am too old for this, but the idea is enough to start. The whole thing needs a complete makeover, and marxists will be attracted by such a thing and are welcome if they will drop the terms ‘marxist’/’marxism’ and take the pledge to not quote marxist boilerplate and consider that disagreeing with Marx is not only a fast exit from the stalled cult, but a necessity to get unconfused. Many leftists fail to see what really happened with Marx: after 1848 he began his endless research project that he could never finish, as Engels starting tearing his hair. He worked and worked and the project never converged. He finally gave up and Engels stitched together the fragments. Many have tried to figure out this enigma, and far more have simply taken the whole thing at face value. But the critics have found out and see that the whole game is mostly confusion, at the level of theory. But the book worked beautifully as a Giant Poster or propaganda, even as the critics/capitalists knew that none of its cultic membership understood it.

There is a simple solution: declare the legacy Old Testament and recast the whole thing based on the true classic: The Manifesto, which has some of the elements of theory at its edges already creeping in, but which is basically a practical manifesto of a communist revolution to expropriate the bourgeoisie.

Is that core not all that is needed to regenerate a post-marxist New Communism? This project does not require the theories of historical materialism, classical economics with or without Marx’s versions, Fuerbachian atheism, dialectical materialism, or secret Hegelian pastiche longings. The American Rebs had no theory. They battled with an imperialism, won, and then created an ambiguous republic/democracy.
A movement of New Communists can remorph that revolution, with some close looks at the Russian Rev, as an anti-imperialist war against the US empire and this depending on its national/international parallel movements, can enter a constitutional socialist democracy phase with either full communism, and a form of ‘market communism’ assuming the expropriation of ‘capital’. The New Communists need to have something in writing before hand this time. They can’t just breeze into another ad hoc game plan. It must state the rights and duties for a combined populist and constitutional movement. It should be based this time on the Universal Class, which is broader but entirely compatible with working class components.

The starting point here can be an open indictment of the US dot.gov as a criminal conspiracy that should be judged by some form of international law, and declared an invalid rogue state. The rest proceeds from that, next to a classic restatement of the basic elements of the Manifesto as to class, ideology, globalization, and capitalism in the dock. To that the core emergency and crisis of climate change becomes one of the key drivers of such a movement. It is no use waiting for a Bernie Sanders to get elected to save us.

The question of this as an electoral or revolutionary project can remain open, but the revolutionary path would seem to be the only one. Over and out.

Since some parts of this may be unmentionable references to illegal deeds of public rebellion we can confine further remarks to hypothetical allocations of planning operations in the West Wing:

White House West Wing - 1st Floor with Cabinet Room highlighted

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