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Dismantling Islam? Xtianity well on its way down the tubes…the secular equivalent of religion

May 13th, 2016 · No Comments

It is not for me to indulge in moral debunkings of Islam, but as a global citizen I do have that right, and have that right against the fanaticism of much legacy Islam. In any case, it is appropriate to step beyond conventional cultural politics to offer some ‘free advice’, a dubious category. It is simply my opinion that Islam is doomed and will have a chaotic exit into the secular future, which can take centuries or decades. Turkey shows how the decades timing is actually real.
Why is the secular fated to win here? In fact, I am not sure myself, but if you study my WHEE: history and evolution.com you will see the plight of the Axial Age (and after) religions, e.g. Xtianity and Islam. Because Xtianity was actually in the modern transition zone it underwent a ‘reformation’, and this is instructive. This reformation did not replace xtianity with atheism or science. It left it as it, almost. After that the trek out of canonical Xtianity began, with a kind of climax in Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, and then the much inferior secular humanism.

Moslems should take note of this but realize their ‘reformation’ won’t happen like that, if they have one at all. Freely dissenting individuals have to perform the task of this reformation, and they should be brisk about it: I have to wonder if the world system isn’t just convulsing over Islam to tear it to pieces. Be wise, and help fellow moslems to pull themselves away from the vanishing legacy….Islam is complicated by a corrupt yet truly hyperadvanced gnosticism in the form of sufism. The latter is a lost cause, and has degenerated as far as I can see into a dangerous mafia. Say goodbye to it.
Moslems and the rest of the world are out of time for religious idiocies: some new perspective based on modernity is the only way out in a period of coming catastrophe.
It might help if the ‘secular’ sphere hadn’t been filled with so much second rate junk, like the new atheism. What is needed is the secular equivalent of religion which consists among many possibilities of:

the question of god is insoluble, standing up to gross theism, and gross atheism, both.
a Kantian critique of metaphysics
something like his ethical system
outstanding beliefs in soul, standing up to neuroscience and scientism
outstanding beliefs in ‘will’, free agency, and carrying the debate over ‘free’ will
A general sense of there being a ‘spiritual’ realm (which like the Indic Samkhya can be ‘material hi/lo’)
the ethical and aesthetic as clear exemptions to reductionist physicalism…

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