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Red Fortyeight Group: the revolutionary called Chaos

May 14th, 2016 · No Comments


The legacy of marxism is the only one with a set of tools to deal with a political movement on the scale of what is needed in the current developing calamity. But it is frozen now and needs a core regenerated into something that a contemporary public can accept and use. We have suggested ditching the now tired baggage of that ‘ism’ labelled after the celebrity Marx and simply selecting the key idea of the Communist Manifesto, the expropriation of the bourgeoisie.
If it is true that the middle east is going to be uninhabitable within this century then the revolution will prove to have been achieved, as it was achieved in the case of Russia, by that revolutionary called Chaos.
The point is to not become so pessimistic about ‘long shot neo-communism’ that all effort is shunted into the various issue activisms now current/floundering. That latter themselves may finally take off, i.e. re: climate change, but the evidence of the last generation is that such movements will fall short. We must not be prejudiced about such groups, which willy-nilly demand our support, but we must be ready at some point to confront the bunker bourgeoisie taking over the last remaining habitable zones, in Sweden, etc, and using indirect genocide to establish control.

The Russian revolution begain when soldiers on the WWI eastern front (their west!) threw down their rifles and headed home.

A similar situation seems likely to come about in a new sense: the appeal of even a sunset dynamic economy with jobs, as we see now, will start to mutate into a situation that will change the order or preferences and go cold turkey on the creature comforts that have paralyzed all parties.

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