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Next question: what tactics are required to overthrow global capitalism, and what is the stance of the R48 on terrorism?

May 16th, 2016 · No Comments

Is a neo-communist revolution possible? Whatever the case the current system is rapidly creating a form of totalitarianism with a democratic front that is an unnervingly near absolute form of domination.
We are moving through the period of our last chance to stop this consolidation of power. The TPP gives a grim example of the hyper-chutzpah of the capitalist powers who consider they have achieved a total victory. But they revealed their own Achilles Hell: they wish, e.g. to make protest against such things as climate change subject to arbitration beyond the reach of government. This hybris is one key to the downfall of a colossus of de facto totalitarian domination. But as so often the process of capitalist domination provokes the need for an international response, one that was always implicit in any form of (neo-)communist response.

Issues of terrorism need to be addressed with great care since they are likely to emerge from such a movement and threaten to undermine it…
It is possible, if not intended here, that this approach can drive a process of change at a lower level, e.g. New Dealism. We can never endorse nor reject such a possibility, save only to warn against another round of the merry go round.

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