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Dawkins cult and the free will heresies

May 19th, 2016 · No Comments


If science had really produced an accurate account of human behavior based on causal science, that would be one thing. But in fact both the theory of evolution (darwinian) and the various psychologies created in the name of science have completely failed to make any sense of man. This has resulted in a new flood of refugees into the various New Age movements in search of more intelligent understandings of man.
The question of free will was always a debate, a dialectic, and there is no simple way to resolve its confusions. But the models based on some idea of free will are clearly superior. This article actually cites Kant, and his efforts were among the first and were certainly one of the greatest to place free will in the context of science. Most efforts to eliminate free will in the name of scientific reductionist are head scratchers. Why adopt such a pedestrian idiocy? It is the mentality of people who think the whole of the universe is a physics problem, but it is not.

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