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How did Turkey get stuck with a moron like Erdogan?

May 25th, 2016 · No Comments

Turkey as Terror: the Role of Ankara in the Brexit Referendum: Turkey was once one of the great success stories of the Islamic transition or ‘reformation’ and yet it is now regressing into a confusing twilight led by the reactionary Erdogan. And now the issue of the EU membership of Turkey has been muddled by Islamic chauvinism, and the complot to overrun Europe with a non-assimilative stance, with the flying fortress of Islam to overtake the West.

I cannot resolve the issue of Brexit and Turkey joining the EU, but I think we should consider that Turkey joining that body presupposed its entry into a secular era, something it did with spectacular success in the Twentieth century. There is no going back here, and the destruction of Turkey’s great contribution to Islamic modernization is an unfolding tragedy.

If Turkey is going to send millions of immigrants to Europe then it is not ready for membership in the EU. And it would be of interest to consider the possibility of leadership by Turkey in creating an middle eastern economic union with a counterbalancing economic federation that can pull Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia into some kind of union

But I am not able to assess the issue of the EU and Turkey. The key point is to stand up to the retrograde Islamic tide that is leading the Middle East into a muddle, with a lot of help form the US.

Islam has reached the end of its historical reign, and needs to pass into a secular world. Period, over and out. It is a great disservice to moslem themselves to indulge in conservative fantasies here.

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