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Politicians, a few, see the handwriting on the wall and could save the planet a revolutionary civil war…

May 25th, 2016 · No Comments


Proposing the idea of a new communism is not yet ready for take off, even as new forms of activism come to the fore, but we should hold in reserve the whole complex of ideas ready for the moment when opinion will shift still further to the left. And I think a strange thing is happening: not all the people in politics are reactionary numbskulls: they see the handwriting on the wall and are hoping that activists can give them an opportunity, deserved or not, to do something where now they are dealing with the likes of Donal Trump and the culture of climate denial.
Short of a geoengineering breakthrough the coming chaos is going to make communism seem preferable to the status quo. So we should be ready at that point.
We should be ready to counsel such a development with a plan for market communism…

We have tried to recast the idea:
its ‘new’ communism, that’s that
market communism in which the private properties of large-scale capital is brought under control would be a simpler starting point: if the chips were down a surprising number of politicians who wouldn’t dream of such a thing would turn toward it
the compromise of market capitalism is just that, and yet it is not the same as social democratic farce: it requires the abolition of private property and that as a constitutional issue. The term must proceed from there to an economic solution. There is no reason this couldn’t be done, despite the chorus of critics who will protest. At this point those critics are being silenced by the evidence of capitalist calamity. There are all sorts of ways to do this, and to critics we should point out that in a matter of months the US government installed a planned economy at the start of WWII. it is a fiction to say that some kind of planned economy won’t work. Market communism must clearly distinguish itself from the versions we seem to see in, for example, China. Not what I meant.
there should be a cut off point, an indifference level below which people can perform small scale regulated forms of agriculture, small industry, communal/cooperative enterprises, etc…People will need to try to simply survive below an ‘anarchist threshold’.
The moment of truth is coming and with huge populations on the move the current system with lunatics like Trump is going to make some form of New Communism seem better.
Politicians, a few, see the handwriting on the wall and could save the planet a revolutionary civil war…but they can’t compromise with the abolition of capital…

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