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Trump needs to shut up and let others debrief islam…islam is passing away (and xtianity, israel/judaism go down the tubes with it)

May 26th, 2016 · No Comments

Moslems are very hurt and angry with Trump, as well they might be, but at this point don’t be naive about the future of Islam. Trump is a complete nullity. The real issue is the future of secular modernity, as it waits on Islam to join its future. There is no such future to islam. You can fight that for one year, ten, a century, three centuries. Then after immense confusion my point will prove right. Life is like that, and it recycles religions along with everything else.
Mohammed is an overrated prophet. I really don’t think he spoke for god (although in a trivial sense that could be true). He was nonetheless an enigma. that enigma will solve itself as one leaves islam.
The question deserves better than the likes of Trump and the cloaked xtians/israelis trying to destroy islam, but the issue doesn’t concern those enemies. It is a question of the motion of a medieval religion into the secular sphere, which is not a cult of atheism. There are many ways to achieve this and moslems have to do that, but the siren call from the past is illusory.
Having said this, I am done. Moslems have to figure this out for themselves, but a little external input can be helpful. Islam isn’t going to take over the world or the west as a universal religion. All that nonsense is over now.

One thing is also true: that if we say this about islam, we must grant the same for the parallel formations of xtianity and judaism, and that grotesque idiocy called israel.

the question of israel’s right to exist is mis-stated. Jews have a de facto right to live in a place no longer the Old Testament fantasy of Israel as an exclusive home of the jews in a religious sense. To be having a debate over such a question at this point is stupid. Jews can and should rename their country, open it to all, and seek a federation of states in the middle east. The rest of the biblical fantasy is a sick joke at this point, and the chauvinists should be deported. So jews have no right to the name ‘israel’ to exploit and hurt others with an equal right to that space.

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