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The previous post deliberately invokes a near absurdity: at a time when fascism is stewing one might elicit the ‘fascism from the left’ short circuit that was an obvious component of early twentieth century fascism starting with Mussolini the socialist, and onwards to Adolf. We have discussed this at The Gurdjieff Con, complete with ‘antisemitic feint’.
But to the contrary we must use such an idea as a virtual option when the obvious slow drift to fascism is underway with the current system, whose real controllers are hard to figure.
Clearly a populist electoral route via the working class, or better our ‘Universal Class’ must come to support a transition to postcapitalism. If all this is whistling in the dark one must nonetheless make reference to the dangerous byways here, which is better than silent mulling over not much of anything. The elite may be getting ready to dispense with democracy facades.
What of the occult rumors of a fascist Trump? But why would anyone use someone like Trump for this? To simply trash democracy, and put an impulsive nutjob in a place of power.

I have no idea about Trump. If there is any truth to the rumored complot it may have been ditched on being discovered.
But how could this work in general. Over at the Gurdjieff we have discussed for months on end the dark side of mind control and how easy it could be to program a politician, but only if you don’t get caught by some other equally potent occult entity. That discussion appears lunatic and hardly makes any sense, but that hardly changes the points made…

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