History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Revolution against capitalist pseudo-science… and the darwinization of the marxist bourgeoisie

May 27th, 2016 · No Comments

The expose of Mazur is a reminder that scientists are promoting a dangerous and violent regime of ideological science, and this shows an overlap with the corporate capitalist world. Darwinism is a theory of great value for capitalist indoctrination because it teaches competition as fundamental, and violent destruction of rivals as the key to evolution. Small wonder Darwin is entrenched.

We have the right to apply revolutionary tactics to the paradigm controlling bodies of science that enforce this pack of lies. More practically, we need to expose the authority of evolutionary pseudo-science.

Here the stance of the dominant marxist bourgeoisie who used darwinism in the name class struggle to promote class interests, those of the marxist bourgeoisie fighting for monopoly control of the means of production. Class extermination seeped into the mix as ‘science’ and resulted in a horrible legacy of slaughter on the left…

Marxist will say, eh? I though we were the good guys. Not with a theory of Darwin, prime social darwinist ideology.

Marx sadly noted this at the start, but later became attuned to the Darwin paradigm. we must rewrite marxism without darwinism..

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