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Market neo-communism as intelligent government, a first in history…this is hard for couch potatoes…but couch potatoes about to be dead will snap to…

May 31st, 2016 · No Comments

We hear endless diatribes against socialist, what to say, of communist ideas, but as we examine the last generation of American/global capitalism we see that the (‘there is no alternative’) post-Bolshevik era has produced an abortion even worse than what the legacy of the Second Internationale produced. The alternatives were Stalinism versus..’being dead’, and we will be dead unless we can brake the system of markets and even more crucial bring governmental, economic and civil society publics to snap out of market hypnosis. What are we observing now? Political figures, economic figures in all seriousness cannot accept the data on climate change. Huge corporations are found to have lied for decades. An entire cycle of electoral politicking is unable to even discuss the issue of climate change. A whole culture lives in a fantasy world of capitalist consumerism, media deception and control, political psycopathy disguised as democracy and controlled by capitalists….History has blown through two alternates, fake communism and fake democracy. Something new is needed, and needed in a hurry.
We have produced a relatively erzatz nexus of ‘market neo-communism’/’neo-communism’ concepts to suggest a way forward. This stands as more than a critique of capitalism: it is a critique of two failures, bolshevism and neoliberalism. The foundation must be the expropriation of large scale industrialism and capital. All talk of socialism short of this is going to fail.
There is no reason why we can’t produce an efficient economic system that has macro control and restraint and that could put a stop to the gross abuse we now see in the shenanigans of capital, corrupt government, covert ops out of control, manufactured wars, phony presidents, bribed politicians.
A strange thing is happening: capitalism is playing out an obsession (Ayn Rand shows one way that came into being) and getting worse and worse. Who would have thought to see the extremes we are seeing, such as the privatization of prisons, with the lust focusing now on schools. The whole game is self-destructing in its own overweening ‘success’. the system is pushing itself to its own destruction. We must respond to the given dynamics with a new solution. This is hard for couch potatoes. But couch potatoes about to be dead will snap to…

Let’s repeat the basic point: bolshveims failed, and now free markets have failed, next case…
We should be clear that China is not an example of market communism.

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