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Zizek’s confusion,…and yet the question emerges: what is the left’s stance going to be if 260 million people try to enter Europefrom West Asia, plus another two hundred million from North Africa?

June 1st, 2016 · No Comments


Zizek is in trouble because of his views on immigration, but the problem is not clear to me at least: I haven’t seen what is going on. The world confronts a truly stunning possible future: the inability of current inhabitants to live at all in the middle east, at which point we confront several hundred million refugees desperate to escape while the elites move toward the Baltic region for their cote d’azure. Perhaps that is what we are already seeing. So what is the left’s stance going to be if 260 million people try to enter Europe?

The issue to confront here is calamity brought on the Middle East by American imperialism and covert war ops. The destabilization of Iraq and Afghanistan was the first part of that and we can hardly absolve the US from this staggering set of crimes. Small wonder the only option left in Syria is to escape. And look at Nigeria: people may bring about their own fate, but in this case they got a lot of help being turned into pliant cripples by Western big oil. The resources available should have made Nigeria into a world leader for the third world, a model of development. But we can be sure that as with the Congo the imperialists conspired to sow chaos.

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