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Zizek, if we can’t have a dialogue we will have to fight it to the finish…your work is crap and a conspiracy with Verso to overprice rehashed junk

June 3rd, 2016 · No Comments

Asking for a dialogue with a hoitytoity celebrity is a waste of breath, so that’s out the window.
Zizek is suffering from this constant celebrity hyping about his work, which to a closer look is mostly a look of crap and very repetitive at that: it is a nice racket in league with Verso to make money. When people overcharge on books it is often not their choice, but nonetheless with overpriced Kindle books the whole racket gets suspicious, with author collusion suspected.
I have made all my Kindle books $0.99, and would have made them free save that the Amazon software freaks out with non public domain books of yore.

The core of Zizek’s work is sawdust: it is too easy to jargonize with Hegel, triads, and dialectical materialism; the whole game disguises a lack of serious thought and has confused a whole generation of leftists.

We need a whole new postmarxist ‘new start’, which isn’t exactly the same as abandoning marxism, but it comes close.
Please, no more Heglian BS, Lacan, postmodernism, etc….

Clear clear analysis of economics, ideology, class, a new ommunism… If old style marxists are interested they are welcome…

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