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Did Sanders just demonstrate the failure of working through the system?

June 6th, 2016 · No Comments


I won’t rule out some endgame miracle here, but the issue with Sanders needs an immediate reality check: whatever happens to the Democratic Party, a real political activist movement has yet to be created and one won’t spring from Sanders’ peculiarly illusory attempt. I would see third party efforts as an additional illusion, although they point to a potential area of effort, though not in the manner usually proposed. We have pursued the suspicion close to a conclusion that the american political system is terminally dysfunctional and that the only solution is regime change. All this effort to elect Sanders. What would happen if he succeeded? He would be confronted with drone assassination requests on his desk the first day. Let us take the talk of Sanders of revolution charitably: in two ways: it is a compromise that corrupts the term’s semantics, it is a trojan horse that will force the context of its misuse as a term to correct itself as it forces thinking to the furhter left, real revolution, regime change. That is evident to me at this final stage of his initiative: we are left with nothing and must face still another failure of working inside the system.

To make matters worse the only political constellation that can seem to accept this, the marxist spectrum, is not viable as a source of a real movement. The left in general is disconbobulated by the complex sophistical legacy of the second internationale and can’t explicate its own canon, can’t discuss current economics, can’t find converts anymore to historical maaterialism, and can’t create a movement that appeals to anyone anymore: a strain of anarchism has overtaken the whole game and this makes everyone fussing over democracy at the point where ‘democracy’ fully in evidence is no such thing. In principle the older canon had an answer here, but at this point it is somehow ‘inaudible’.
We have discussed, and proposed, a version of ‘market communism’ leading possibly to a full neo-communist resolution, with a clear emphasis on the neo-.

This formulation allows us to correct the twin illusions of Democratic Party politics, pseudo-socialist ‘social democratic’/New Dealist politics as usual, the Sanders brand: a market communism, while it could adopt any number of social democratic strategies, could only do so once the revolutionary question of the expropriation of the bourgeoisie is completed and the source of the whole difficulty is returned to the commons.
The point is that socialism and revolution are being jumpstarted by Sanders’ false semantics toward the real mccoy. Leaving only the impossible question, to what degree is regime change possible?

The first step is the formulation of a new communist platform and this may as well delete all the compromises now current and start the uphill trek…

Next, we have suggested a few blindspots now current, starting with a clear indictment of the system as it is now, startng with an expose of the 9/11 conspiracy… This one issue is the test of a real movement. Anything less requires looking closely at those who indulge in compromise as conscious or unconscious agents of the system as it is, which includes a hidden fascist component of jewish/Israeli domination distortion of american politics.
Next, the issue of historical materialism is dated now: it is not viable to create such a complex theory and resolve the whole of sociological history and dynamics to such an oversimplification. Further it creates a very one-sided materialism that must compete against its dialectical counterpoints, and it will never win such a battle.

Further, the whole marxist legacy got tripped up by Hegelianism, and its dialectics and ended up with a new form of superstition, dialectical materialism…
The list goes on, and we find in Marx’s theories an additional liability, a field picked over by critics for over a century. The whole marxist cadre is incapable of extricating itself here.

So we have no real ultra-left movement at this point: one needs to start from scratch, travel light, and focus on the issue of a communist expropriation followed by the construction of a viable form of market communism, a task of considerable complexity but by no means impossible.

We must consider that we have little or no choice. We have just completed the last dismal cycle of electoral politics in the US which shows clearly that that venue is closed. Clear?

I am under no illusions as to the near impossibility of revolutionary action. We have multiple near impossible issues, from military strategies to deal with the american army…!

Don’t say this is impossible. We see that electoral politics is impossible. The next case must be tried. I think we will find the american/israeli system will swiftly collapse with the right confrontation. The issue of the 9/11 conspiracy has half solved the problem: we have a clear indictment of a criminal enterprise at the core of the American political system. We must demand at once a legal reckoning of this monumental set of crimes.

We should addend a note that ‘market communism’ by no means renounces in any absolute fashion an electoral path to political change, but it must be the electoral equivalent of revolution.

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