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Consider what might have been possible with the hundreds of millions squandered by the Sanders mirage

June 7th, 2016 · No Comments

What is going on here? Sanders had a huge ‘success’, now about to fade. These struggling groups will, I will give them one year, accomplish nothing. The Sanders effect is confusing here.
I wish these groups all the best, but I wish they would not use the term ‘revolution’ unless they mean it. That is regime change, revolution, ….You can argue this is no longer correct: the semantics of words change all the time, and we can’t begrudge the use of metaphors in any case. But the truck in illusion seems to be at work here: no revolution is intended, only a fantasy substitute.

I challenge such groups to consider the prospect of ‘real’ revolution: https://www.dropbox.com/home/Public/XML_DARW_GC_Axial?preview=Toward+a+New+Communist+Manifesto_6_5_2016.pdf

You can use my manifesto generator to roll your own, but one should be wary: the road to compromises is perpetual. This ‘manifesto’ for new manifestos premises the revolutionary premise of premises: the abolition of private property. How about some of that energy and money directed toward what is really needed, however dangerous or impossible. These activist initiatives led by the usual celebrities are getting tiresome. I will grant that Sanders’ brand really stood out (he could still win!), but it is part of the same record of activist futility based on blah blah.

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