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Sanders’ breakthrough: some ugly but essential questions: was the Sanders mirage a covert, jewish supremacist/Mossad, or any other hidden phenom with stealth promotions (like the Arab spring, the OWS, and other farces…)

June 7th, 2016 · No Comments

We have discussed the jewish supremacist issue here many times…but let’s relax, the question of jews is fading…after the horror of Israel it is hard to take jews seriously anymore. We thought they were smart people, but apparently not…
We must ask these questions, but…
You know what? I don’t think any of the above applies: Sanders has broken out of the jewish supremacist staightjacket, and the action of covert agencies here is doubtful but must always be suspected. Whenever we see floundering gentile idiots upstaged by jewish success we must be wary of being manipulated behind the scenes…
I suspect that Sanders both played this game and broke out of it. Let’s hope we can avail of jewish talents in the future without the inevitable paranoia we have now.

Since the OWS was probably covert controlled or influenced, this ‘paranoia’ is important, and it is not antisemitism.

But, that said, Gentiles will have a hard time creating a movement not controlled/infiltrated by all sort of creepy entities.
I think Sanders create a breakthrough here: someone we can almost trust to not be a creature of the jewish lobby.

I cannot grant the same to Chomsky, a fake leftist of incomprehensible lineage, and a concealed jewish chauvinist. and Naomi Klein? You tell me. I can’t decipher this phony. The whole field of the left suffers from jewish idiots claiming Karl Marx and the whole left for their control. Prejudice? Marx was a gentile, please note…
Before accusing me of prejudice consider Chomsky: almost fifty years of confusion (intended or not) and disinfo on the JFK assassination all the way up to the 9/11 coverup he supports. It is awfully hard to see this man as on the level. So the paranoiac, if not antisemites, were justified here, almost unbelievably…So, apparently, Chomsky was a jewish supremacist in disguise. No? Prove me wrong, but don’t call me an antisemite…We have lost an entire generation here.
Most of the blame falls on gentile idiocy, don’t get me wrong…

But let’s hope we are exiting this kind of issue.
Let’s ditch jews and christians and move into a new future that has a left that can free from gentile antisemistism and jewish obsessive hatred of gentiles and the equal obsession to dominate them. After sixty years of Israel that’s a fair question. Jews need an exit path (they had one in the second internationale)

Position number one: activist groups must openly critique Israel
And they should consider and denounce the place of Israel in 9/11.

Beyond that I have suggested a whole series of issues in the TNCM. Some form of ‘market’ neo-communism could proceed via a doubloon electoral/potentially revolutionary path, and there is the possibility that crisis will lead to a possible political transformation short of regime overthrow.
But this must be the net equivalent of revolution:
constitutional overhaul, politics beyond capitalist tampering, bribery free, etc…We need to consider the issues as a whole…

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