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Sandernistas: moving beyond the merry go round to a (market) neo-communism

June 9th, 2016 · No Comments

Consider this: Sanders was a close call for Dems/Repubs both, but suppose he had won: we would have faced, to a high probability, another eight years of New Deal sugar plum visions failing to materialize, followed by nothing. We can’t waste eight years. We need regime change, and if the climate calamity is as bad as many are saying, we need that regime change this year, which is unrealistic. But less unrealistic than those now lost eight Bernie years.

It would be appropriate to wonder if the Sandernistas could not see through the current merry go round and take up a version of postmarxist neo-communism. You can ‘roll your own’ but the versions of ‘market (neo-)communism’, (the neo is a must), seem highly suggestive.
Importantly, winning an election in the US is getting close to obsolete: we need a global system that can deal with the complexity of many nations, many markets, which doesn’t mean we can’t have a national component communism, one that can learn the tricks of global interaction (consider the case of Venezuela, which isn’t a market communism).
Next, all the tactics of the Sanders campaign could be applied to a twin electoral/revolutionary platform seeking as a fundamental note the electoral path toward the expropriation of capital. This could be an honest front for a revolutionary alternative. The electoral path assumes a democratic system, which the current american system is not.

We need something more than the fragmented issue activism that is not really able to challenge the larger system which is itself globalized…

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