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The left ‘nervous nellies’ on darwinism, 9/11…

June 9th, 2016 · No Comments

I am proposing a new far left but I have endorsed issues so controversial most activists would recoil from their embrace and slip back to issue activism to evade the likely ‘stopped in its tracks’ effect of so many hot potato issues. But I think the turning points have come for all of them…
I have proposed a leftist postdarwinism: Marx himself was rebuked by Engels for scrounging for critiques of natural selection, a fact forgotten. He figured out almost immediately that there was a problem with Darwinian random evolution. Amazing. The left should take up that critique, which is not a rejection of evolution.
The study of the eonic effect offers a simple way to exit darwinism, with or without a new theory:
1. darwinism proposes random evolution (but can’t demonstrate that, although the pattern of ‘evolution’ is itself clear, by whatever mechanism)
2. history must have a close connection to evolution (because they overlap)
3. history shows a non-random pattern
4. this pattern is ‘evolution’ by definition
5. this ‘evolution’ may tell us something about earlier evolution, but if not, it shows that random evolution is blocked on its way to history by the clear evidence in history of non-random evolution.

This approach is clear, intuitive, simple, makes no theory claims about deep time, embraces ‘evolution’ as an empirical given, and at the same quarantines history from social darwinist darwinism…
The left has few options here: the right has already cornered darwinism and the regime of right anti-darwin propaganda would sink a new left immediately…
#1 through #5 above could free the left from darwinism without rejecting evolution, in the process showing a simple way to study history…

2, The 9/11 conspiracy is an empirically documented reality, despite its confusions and complexities, and it is an invitation to suspect allegiance to look the other way here. Why has the left been so confused here?
The left can no longer disregard the evidence available, any other stance throws the left under suspicion of collusion with a criminal regime…

There is more, but these two are the humdingers that have made the left look like nervous nellies.

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