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We lost one year on the Democratic party’s idiocy cum Sanders…it is a vampire on our attention that does nothing…let’s move on

June 10th, 2016 · No Comments

We have, maybe, about five years left to change course as a planet on the issues of climate change. We need action now, no delays. Can we expect anything from the charade of the american elections? No we can’t. we need to stop thinking about this vampire of mental energy. Now that Sanders has blown $200 million on nothing, we can say goodbye to Donald (not the duck, ntd) and slickydick/billary and stop wasting time. Obama disgraced the great moment of a first black president, and now Hilary will ditto for a first lady prez/ Who cares? We need to act now. Now let me grant that orgs like 350.org are already active, already doing this. That’s not what I meant but we must multitask with whatever help we can for such groups. But our focus is different.
I would say even if the dems get elected it will take three years for…what? some watered down bit of nothing. Nothing can be expected from a deadlocked set of Houses, unless we have a miracle in November. But even with a miracle I will bet that the current set of politicians, Democrats or otherwise will throw away the whole opportunity just as Obama did. I saw the movie, American President on Netflix (I recently desubbed): tell me no more. The movie makes obvious what happens to electoralee’s once they get into the Office inside the White House. Even Bernie Sanders would flake out in 48 hours. You have to tear yourself away from such a morass.

So if we have only a few years left, and probably not even that, and we can’t do anything with the current political system, what do we do? Before giving an opinion of my own let me confess one purpose in this post: I have ‘big ears’ and am hearing some terrible forms of stirring panic at work: one of them, which I disown on the spot, is to start destroying carbon generating infrastructure: it is a very easy job to wipe out vulnerable facilities of all sorts. These astral whispers of a new form of ecological terrorism seem to think that railroads, refineries, any number of factories, an immense infrastructure is a complete sitting duck and that the postcapitalist era can arrive via a war on industrial plant.
I doubt it. The verdict is simple: it won’t work. Even if successful on a local scale it could never accomplish anything real. I must definitely challenge such lunacy, granting only that our current highly virtuous idiocy is almost worse.

There is another way. A populist postcapitalist revolutionary movement, doubling as a third party electoral movement. Only a revolution will suffice, but an electoral front office is almost essential.
Such movement must make a million people walk into Washington and take over.
Look at the Bernie movement: the model is there, shifted to the far left. Enthusiastic radicals with a regime change platform but sly public tactics could raise millions, create an association of members with a massive core of self-help, communal, employment, etc, opportunities…It could start to create communal refuges for economic refugees, city cooperatives, light industries, communes, employment agencies, food banks, and an active subset of activists who could demonstrate every day on streets all over the country…At first noone will join, but soon they will.
why is such a movement any more difficult that the Bernie initiative, which was in fact an illusion in motion…A Bernie style movement, you will say, won’t transfer in that way… Maybe, maybe not. It depends on the level of desperation.
Whatever the case, a core of operatives must get ready, don’t delay. and they must have something better than marxist dogmas. Make a garland of core marxist issues. rethink those, and drop the term ‘marxism’ and turn Marx into a photo on the wall, not more. No more BS about how Marx’s theories are confirmed by events. I have tried many times here to recast a revolutionary New Communism, with a telling ‘new’ before the term. Don’t think a marxist regurgitation will work. That’s a pity: a lot of that legacy could be useful, in a new format.

I wish I was a someone with leadership skills or potential, but I am not. At any rate I have no public persona or resources. But I would offer anyone with the right mindset a perspective that can work in my Last and First Men, and Manifesto, a movement toward market neo-communism. At some point the public that finally saw the light on Sanders’ socialism will see the light on the hopelessness of the current. such a movement needs leaders with talent, but such are hard to come by. Looking at Venezuela one has to wonder if muddle hasn’t taken over clear thinking. We need some smart people here, but smart with a difference. All the people who got us into this mess are smart, very smart. So we need talents rarer than ‘smart’. Meritocracy was no help on the left. Look at the supersmart people with IQ’s over 150 who fell for Ayn Rand. Maybe a degree of dumbheit is needed an an ingredient of the talents of a real revolutionary. But the point is that ‘market communism’ is a nobrainer that will defeat all comers in a fog of disinfo. And figuring out which calculus theories are bunk will prove hard, if all the experts are confused, as they excel in calculus. The point is that ‘market communism’ comes pre-refuted. But a look at the planning success in WWII shows that the smart people actually solved the planning problem, once, but they called it something else.

In any case, this kind of initiative should have been what started last spring, but looking back at Bernie’s strategy we can see it was a costly false experiment…Such a movement in any case will get misled by the Chomsky’s and the Naomi Klein’s. We are not talking about anarchist Bakunin, although we must welcome at least a component of all that. We need first an ideological reset that frees people from the dead hand of marxist boilerplate, without throwing the baby out with the bath.
Meanwhile the kamikazis out there are eyeing their chances. Since you are probably dead already, you might consider that option upgraded to something less wasteful of a life with a keener edge toward chaos arising than it current in this culture. But your are dead already. So be ready to play that card.

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