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How would an elected Sanders have changed a system that perped the 9/11 conspiracy without even the ability to talk about it in public?…check mate

June 12th, 2016 · No Comments

But our criticism of the Sanders movement forgets one thing: by giving a huge effort to an ‘inside the system’ effort and failing, a process of elimination drives us to radically external solutions: postcapitalism. We should learn the lesson of the Sanders caper here: we must upgrade radical activism to real ‘revolution’, however we define it. And we have to do this soon. It is a pity that someone with Sanders’ savvy, money, and charisma blew it trying to work inside the system. But isn’t that system beyond repair? Even leftists are so brainwashed they are unaware of the situation in effect.

That system is guilty of degenerating into a covert ops puppet, from Iran, Gautamala, to the JFK complot, all the way up to the 9/11 conspiracy, all in the mix of manufactured wars. This government manufactures wars for profit for the sake of large corporations. How is the in any case unlikely electoral victor going to act in that situation: he can’t admit in public the criminal system at work. He would succumb immediately.
So where do we go from that situation of check mate?

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