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Islam and the inevitability of secular transition

June 13th, 2016 · No Comments


Moslems are on the threshold of a calamity even worse than American depraved imperialism: they could lose their place on the map. Barring a techno-fix global warming is coming. I would unequivocally recommend a secular transition by Moslems, especially in the case of European migration/integration. Nothing is accomplished by trying to create a European Caliphate.

Let’s face it, Islam is a great study, and a source of fascinating religious history, but its place in the modern world is marginal at best, and counterproductive at worst. To be arguing over Sharia law at this point is simply stupid, and the evidence of a second rate religion. Christians might do the same, and consider their religion is almost more primitive than Islam.
The issue is not atheism. It is perfectly possible to be a secular theist.
It could help greatly to try and see that advocating the secular transition is not Islamophobia or Eurocentrism, but an attempt to be realistic about the issues of modernity.

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