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Market neo-communism as a viable option…Venezuelans, Sandernistas…

June 13th, 2016 · No Comments

The left has been unable to really assist Venezuela in its difficult situation. It would be good if the commnunist left (renamed the neo-communist left), with a complement of Sandernistas looking for an exit strategy, could sit down and vector up a viable version of market communism, and suggest a plan for Venezuela, which is running out of time: the US vultures are circling.

The core of market communism is the expropriation of private property, capital, the apparatus of the bourgeoisie. This fundamental axiom does not require any particular functionality for the economy, although a form of controlled economic planning is classic here by definition. But the definition of communism never absolutely required the total immediate destruction of markets. But then we need a new terminology for ‘exchange relations’ outside of a capitalist system. Such are not hard to imagine. A market communism can have autonomous corporations running socially owned business properties which have reverted to the Commons. This system needs a new form of electoral politics: a congress to mediate economic productions beyond the control of a putative one-party state monopolizing industrial activity.
In any case, the creation of a viable postcapitalism has been denounced so many times that we have forgotten it is more than possible, and especially given the reality we now face: that capitalism is far more dangerous than socialism, and is leading to a disaster.
All of this requires a new form of government that is rendered honest from its axioms. Half the battle, a battle now lost, in the american system is the outrageously corrupt system of government run on pure bribery. It is hard to see how anyone could call this democracy.

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