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Islam, immigration, secularism and the false flagging of the US covert agencies

June 16th, 2016 · No Comments

https:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=hueHtOM5dTY

this is a link to the Eurabia/paranoia theme with the full genre listed in the youtube sidebar.
The question of immigration is troubling but let’s compromise in an obvious way: Europe must accept a lot of immigration, in return the (moslem) immigrants must embrace the civilization of modernity with a secular Islam. The latter, as the portrait of Reformation Protestantism shows, is not atheism, anti-religion or a universal scheme of world domination.
At this point the wiser among the immigrant moslem community need to lead the community beyond the suicidal and fanatic hopes of demented mullahs to make Europe a caliphate.

A reformation Islam could create a core religion of the legacy of Mohammed and simply bypass the red herring of Sharia which is creating so much confusion.

We need to acknowledge that the West should make a sacrifice and consider blending populations.
To do that right, it is important to limit the kind of preposterous behavior of states like Sweden, etc… (but that may be beside the point: still larger immigrations may be inevitable)

If the West is to hybridize Islamic cultures it must establish the secularization of Islam.
That said, the behavior of the United States has been almost incomprehensibly malevolent, from the destruction of Iranian democracy, to the frame up of the 9/11 conspiracy, and the Iraq/Afghanistan imperial wars. The US has almost ceased to be an example of secularism in its confusions of Israel, its own fundamentalism, and it rapacious capitalists. So it is not surprising that an attitude of revenge has taken hold. But revenge is nor religion, nor is it redress. The impulse is not really religion but of self-defense, and to that we must contribute. But a key component must be the intelligent adoption of secular rationality such as it is to enable a reasonable navigation to a difficult future.

The US needs to be exposed for its false-flagging of Moslems with 9/11 creation of the very terrorists thence blamed and all of which seems to have ended up a Frankenstein of the CIA. This is grotesque.

We must therefore determine some kind of sanity given the coming climate calamity, and the right proportion of refugees.
And next to that a free and open right to discuss the critique of religion on the way to secularization.

If the entire Middle East and North Africa become unfit for habitation the crisis will be hard to imagine.

And hysterical westerners need to consider the monumental horror of Iraq and its hundreds of thousands dead. Israel and the US have almost voided their claim to modernity. Small wonder the Islamic world gets confused.

Here is the original version of this post from yesterday. It is too harsh. sorry, apologies, but….

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