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Market communism now or (capitalist) Stalinism at last resort…the Stalinist cut off point…

June 18th, 2016 · No Comments

Our exploration of market communism is an attempt at a rational solution to the crisis emerging, and which may prove terminal. Such thinking evokes stalinism, but in reality it posits the exact opposite.
But let us note one fact: if the planet self-destructs stalinism would have been superior in hindsight because humanity would have survived in an economy too inefficient to wreck the planet.
So hopefully the title of this post will scare you.
We need hardly fear such an outcome because the net equivalent of stalinism is already being applied as a totalitarian capitalism, the case of China making the point very obvious, the case of the US still a bit better concealing the reality.

Whatever the case, the stance of the Republican Congress vowing to not ratify the Paris COP 21 treaty essentially voids the social/political contract of the american system. That is the ‘every man for himself’ phase of the sinking ship. I think geo-engineering should have rescued us here, or just maybe still can, but the critical five year period for action is at hand and slipping away.

We are therefore no longer in a democracy and have the right to revolt in order to create one, this time as a mixed market neo-communism that can balance the opposites in a sane system that harmonizes authority/anarchism, markets/socialism, capitalism/communism, etc…

If we delay too long we will confront the need for stalinist economics: total control of the social economic sphere, liquidation of reactionary capitalist elites, gulags, military resolutions, etc…
But this will never happen at this point: the elites are rapidly trying to create a concealed totalitarian capitalism, in an elite/air-conditioned bunker state in which millions to billions will be left to perish.
Please apply utilitarian ethics to the bald statement re: the Stalinism cut off point: stalinism would be better/more ethical than such a horror. Start thinking about your ration card.

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