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Red Forty-eight Group: marxists don’t have a single working group that can do anything in a context where activist groups are multiplying, mostly in vain

June 21st, 2016 · No Comments



We cited a marxist essay (at link) today, and it is good marxist stuff, but it is frozen mentation. Marxists don’t have a single working group that can do anything in a context where activist groups are multiplying, mostly in vain, because they need what marxism might provide, but which it can’t, for some reason, and these groups go on and on with piecemeal efforts.
Marxist groups are paralyzed for obscure reasons, among them the mechanization of thought, and a package that activists reject at this point.

But if the issues were restated beyond marxism, without the boilerplate, with some sense that one is not going to get suckered by crypto-stalinism (any marxist reference at this point will converge on stalinism once activated), I think many frustrated activists would respond.

I must be missing something: at a moment of planetary crisis marxists keep talking about how great Marx was, repeat stale junk that was challenged in the 1890’s and can get out of the Lenin rut, and simply sit on the sidelines doing nothing.

In a way that is inevitable: a version of the Second Internationale isn’t going to go anywhere at this point. But a new package with new people could bring a response from climate activists, from Sandernistas, and from disillusioned marxists.

I have tried to produce something like what is needed, with an actual project, or two in tandem: (market) neo-communism and the full endstate communism. The former is a practical New Communism project that sidelines marxism, but operates with the classic Manifesto, or one paragraph from that…

Marxists have no monopoly on communism, but they have certainly claimed the field, now filed with deadbeats. Let’s evacuate the dead monopoly and start over with something that can talk to the current generation floundering between marxist boilerplate and Chomskyean anarchism…

Sanders has stolen the term ‘revolution’. Time to not take this lying down.
The abolition of property, a good start…the moment is coming…

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