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Historical materialists being outflanked by reactionary buddhism

June 24th, 2016 · No Comments


This post wasn’t quite serious, and its real import is to speak as an outsider to the marxist left with a warning they are out in left field. So am I, but as a global citizen I am not an outsider to the idea and project of communism, a New Communism that can free itself from marxist barnacles.

If we examine the world of the New Age movement we have to wonder if historical materialism isn’t an almost silly obsolete theory. Reactionary buddhists are pulling ahead and attempting a kind of takeover of modernity and outnumber marxists at this point. Who could have foreseen that in the early nineteenth century?

The solution is not hard to come by but it requires rethinking the whole corpus of marxism, and doing so without delay. No compromises with New Age irrationalism are needed or suggested, merely a means to stand back and focus on the issue of communism at the endstage of capitalism. A total world view will never get it right. Instead a simple ‘dialectical’ embrace of modernity itself would do the job because a totality is built in.

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