History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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June 25th, 2016 · No Comments

We have discussed the revolutionary alternative…but the term ‘revolution’ is a fumbled football. Let’s envisage a real meaning: a million people converging on Washington…

I have consistently scotched terrorist options, but there is no law against reporting messages I am getting telling me I am as ‘soft’ of revolution as the current ‘lefts’. Those messages are about sabotage of any and all carbon offending entities in place. So the molotov cocktail crowd is getting ready. Ten thousand saboteurs, I am indigantly told, with MCKTl’s could bring carbon civilizaton to its knees. Your move, at least I am not the police. I don’t approve or endorse, but I don’t own the planet…

but to the Sanders crowd I would say, you did a lot worse than blowing it. You pulled a socialist rabbit out of the hat and now you are about to make the whole bunch kiss the donkey’s ass of Clitonite party politics. It is like a form of black magic: screw the left and screw it good.

Think of what the Sandernistas, without their ‘…”s in their ‘…”s could have achieve here with a real project, and all that money, $200…

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