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Gestating guerilla warfare…?

June 26th, 2016 · No Comments


This statement about the Sanders group contained something that deserves public communication to the broader left. This is not endorsement but like an overhead conversation, in a context where everyone is afraid to discuss much in public: I was somewhat shocked by a new idea floating around the far left: the molotov cocktail solution to climate change: systematic attacks on carbon infrastructure (I assume without hurting humans), SUV’s, trainlines, refineries, car factories, airliners… I should repudiate this, but it might work, and we have no political options at this point so what can I say.
I will repeat this in public because I am old and harmless, and noone is going to accuse me of anything, and because the mere idea of such a thing will start to really scare the elites. Instead of proposing this, I will simply warn such elites of the sheer stupidity of climate change denial. Every revolution is preceded by the incomprehensible stupidity of such elites. The republican leadership in congress is determined to not ratify a major climate treaty. That is beyond easy understanding in its stupidity, but that is what capitalist ideology does to people. Especially morons at the level of the american politician.

Sandernists get to shut up here. You used the term ‘revolution’, that’s what happens.

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