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The monumental stupidity of Dubai…

June 26th, 2016 · No Comments

Dubai is the first in a series of eyepopping idiocies in this video.
We start there: how did this nonsense come about. Dubai is the hubristic idiocy of people with too much money basing development on nothing but money, oil money, and the exploitation of labor. The amount of money spent here could have been spent to create a genuine modern economy for the whole middle east, educational resources, some plans for the future of middle east, real freedoms, instead we see this junk world created in a desert, a bad omen.
Did the creators of this garbage foresee the possibility this area of the planet will be too hot for habitation. The elite will retreat to air-conditioned bunkers, with no doubt a slave class to maintain them, since noone in his right mind will want to live there.

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