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Beyond Islamic reformation: moving beyond the religion

June 27th, 2016 · No Comments

More and more I see that there is a problem with trying to advocate an Islamic Reformation. Islam has already had that, and proceeds more and more into chaotic modernization even as it clings to the past.

I will change my perspective, speaking only as an outsider who demands only his right to free speech here (which can help those who don’t have it in Islamic countries): ditch Islam. Trying to adapt Islam to modernity is possible, but the result is not really like the Christian Reformation. It is more like Dubai: reactionary, conservative minds squandering money on modernist projects while the real transformation of culture is thwarted and stalled.
We should not speak of a Reformation without speaking of the correlates that came with it: science, new philosophy, new art, new politics, ideas of freedom, and much else.

The Middle East is beset with fans of Edmund Burke, literally, and their conservative views are closing in on the middle East: look at Turkey, look at Egypt, look at Saudi Arabia, look at Iran, look at the UAE, look anywhere. The secular modernism has never arrived.

I think therefore the better approach is to just walk away from Islam. Throw the Koran in the rubbish and open the mind to try and restore natural intelligence from the retardation created by centuries of Islamic stultification. Islam once had some notable aspects, sufism, it is dead now, a menace to its friends and a bizarre form of evil. It is grounds to indict Islam.

The mentality of so-called secularists is not often very good either, but they are not your models. The early modern is the basic model: the immense spectrum of issues shows the complexity of the question, and the limits of all ideas of a Reformation.

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