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Clinton Sandernistas, raise your hand and swear allegiance to the TPP. Else you’re out. Be out now already…marxists need to sh- or get off the pot…

June 28th, 2016 · No Comments


I reverted back to the previous draft: it is actually enough to make the point.

I protest the waste of energy going into turning the Sandernistas into democrats. They will end up having to support the TPP or they’re out. Why not be out now? The American politican system is dead in the water at this point. We need, twenty five years too late after 1989 a new global political movement moving toward postcapitalism, once called communism, now better called neo-communism. This formulation despite the wreckage of the idea by bolshevism has all the elements all the fragmented activist groups lack. But the problem is that this is monopolized by marxists, who can’t use it, or upgrade their legacy which is stuck in the past. That’s a little unfair: who can jumpstart a revolutionary movement at this point?
The response there is, you had better try.

Attempts to create movements have gone on for seventy years. The results are nil. We are about to pass the 2 to 4C point and Clinton isn’t going to help. Do it both ways: invest something in a real radical movements…
Beyond these alternates there is a third, as I have reported as better than rumor: gestating guerilla warfare against carbon infrastructure. I don’t know the status of this exactly, but it shows how people are tiring of baloney, especially left activist baloney, it will be the karma of violence inherited by the petty bourgeois “I’m terribly radical you know” thumb twiddlers.
I don’t support such terrorism, but guerilla warfare was the origin of the American republic/

The purpose of this manifesto is to free a neo-communist left from marxist boilerplate without compromising on the fundamental issue of postcapitalism.

We need to face the necessity of the one thing that won’t sell: a no growth economy. It needs a revolutionary formation.

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