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Steps toward a real revolution///Moving Beyond Bernie Sanders’ “Political Revolution”

June 29th, 2016 · No Comments

The aftermath of the Sanders phenomenon needs to do more than simply agitate/agitate: it needs a recast platform for a postcapitalist society.
The Sanders year was remarkable, but let us keep in mind that it failed and accomplished therefore very little. That is, nothing. And its success is suspicious: while, to be sure, one part is the growing ‘movement of movements’ in the wake of 2008, the sudden appearance of such a seeming success asks what its real dynamics is/was. If people are set up for a ‘socialist’ politics and then it vanishes then I MUST suspect just that, a set up.
We have suggested that an ultra-radical perspective is needed, but one that can compromise in one way and be uncompromising in another: market neo-communism. A vehicle is needed that can either revolutionize politics via an electoral third party route or else become the real revolution Sanders soft-pedaled with an incipient guerilla warfare action. We are out of time for the ten years of getting mayors elected in Podunk in the wake of Sanders. We need a demonstration that a popular rebellion can lead to a global revolution. Sanders is finished, and we don’t even want his exhaust fumes. He dangled the illusion of socialism, and now that is vanishing. He has unconsciously set up the left for failure, establishment figure that he is.
The whole system has to go, and we need to level with Sandernistas: I don’t think they will make the cut. A new breed is needed.

Establishment politicians and billionaires are counting on demoralization and a falloff of political activism after November. But a return to “politics as usual” isn’t inevitable. History suggests a very different possibility, and Bernie Sanders’ campaign has highlighted the need to continue fighting long after the election.

Source: Moving Beyond Bernie Sanders’ “Political Revolution”

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