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The immigration debate (and its bullshit on both sides) in perspective: can the US, Canada, Europe absorb 500 million/1 billion climate refugees?

July 4th, 2016 · No Comments


Don’t ask Donald Trump the above question. At the other end the left with its often correct exposes of rightist racism and ethnocentrism misses the point of the real crisis: we are not talking about a few million, we are talking on the order of a billion. A billion refugees? Even the left will shut up here, and I hope start thinking about a problem they might well inherit. Putting a billion people on welfare is not going to happen.
The open space in the US and Canada (and the Norway/Sweden zones) is still immense.
To answer the question, for what it is worth: if China can feed a billion plus people, and if it is to be a question of hundreds of million dying, the EU and the US/Canada could probably feed two billion: on their shores. I wouldn’t bet on its happening. what is going to happen? Is the climate prediction on the level?

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