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Time to dismantle Israel?!

July 4th, 2016 · No Comments

If we lose the Middle East, we lose Israel, so we may as well lose it immediately. Ship the whole cadre of Israeli assholes to Brooklyn (12 million is a bit zero), and relieve the Middle East of the constant war manufacture via Mossad. Jews have lost their moral right to Israel. The whole Middle East is close to psychotic by design, Israeli design. Israel is responsible in many ways for the Iraq war, for starters, a war crime so grotesque at this point the whole Israeli option seems to be in limbo. We need to see if the Middle East can achieve some sanity in the absence of jewish freebooters. Who needs it at this point? The whole game was a mistake, as many knew at the start in 1948.

I have nothing good to say either about the reign of dictatorships taking over in Turkey, Egypt, present in Saudi Arabia…

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