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A post-marxist communism….asap

July 8th, 2016 · No Comments

Marxism has a truly cogent package of ideas, but none of its work anymore and you can see it from the impotence of the various far left groups.n The name for it is mechanization of thought. And these marsixt groups are stuck in their own peculiar Iron Cage. One thing is sure: you can’t communicate with these groups. One minor deviation and you are under total ostracization. I take that to mean that under the full stalinism implied by their axioms they will, regrettably, have to kill you. I can’t even submit a post to marx mail. Fine. I will move to create a new left.

We need a new open neo-communism. We owe nothing to Marx’s attempt to be brilliant, with the useless results of all his bad theories.

I have considered many times the simpler option: pure praxis, as with the american revolution remorphed into a communist revolution. We don’t need historical materialism, dialectical materialism, dialectical junk Hegelianism, etc…

The foundational act of postrevolutionary praxis is the creation of a constitutional foundation, the basic assumptions of a communist system, the abolition of private property.
We need a simple and clear praxis that can do this
no more Marx theories, except en passant
no cult of personality of Marx
no more use of the term marxism
no more marxists

We can see the first attempt to do this with the OWS, but the reaction to marxism was too extreme. We can reject marxism, but that doesn’t mean rejecting revolution, communism, and the latter doesn’t mean rejecting democracy. We can also be disillusioned with ‘democracy’, however, especially as it is fake. But at the key point of transition we need to be really smart: we need the authority to create a system that can enforce postcapitalism, but it must not be totalitarian. After a bit more of the climate calamity, it won’t be so hard to create a new consensus around postcapitalism.
In the format of market communism even business classes have an exit strategy, mindful however that we are not in the business of compromises with phony versions of basic intent. The capitalist world we see now is an artificial extremism that crept into the scenery via such stellar impostors as Ayn Rand, neo-con ex-Trotskyites, and the basic neoliberal concoctions gestated in the seventies.
Market neo-communism can allow a certain amount of transitional adaptation, given that ownership is now beyond the capitalist class and also beyond the revolutionary class, which is too likely to be a new bourgeoisie. The revolutionary cadre gets no rights against basic rights, nor dictatorship of economies, and no excessively antidemocratic actions beyond the basic authority to maintain communism. And even here we allow a threshold level of cultural anarchism to let the cultural center of gravity thrive below the state maintenance of communist axioms. This is in principle a reasonable system, one that I know for a fact appeals to many in the business claaa suffering in silence in the age of Ayn Rand: they wince daily at the inability of the propaganda wings of their class to acknowledge climate change and are left wondering how they could have blown so badly so soon after 1989.
This is not compromise but an attempt to actually consider how a viable communism is possible. And while managers can be a problem, they aren’t really capitalists, and will defect to a serious communism fairly quickly. Mental mechanization is a problem! Sufis used a ‘stop’ exercize to break this machine thinking. We won’t use sufi methods, not!, but the point is clear, and the exercise easy to remorph/reinvent: its the idea that counts. We just can’t assume marxist dna is going to work, because it led to disaster once already, and the mechanized habits are still there. But the reality is that communism was never tried by the Bolsheviks, so we don’t know anything from that.
Replacing the marxist canon is a big jog: START NOW….

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