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Sanders, now raise $200 million for the real revolution

July 11th, 2016 · 1 Comment

We are back to where we were a year ago, a year wasted in the Sanders distraction, two hundred million down the drain, an amount now seen to have been the core of a Sanders narcissim.

I think that we have at least paid our dues to an important alternative universe: electoral tortoise politics as an option/non-option. I have not discontinued my discussions of a year ago, but for the sake of effect, will ‘restart’ the ultra-radical option. In fact, we have spawned in the context of Sanders the option we call ‘market neo-communism’, tailor made for the void of the post Sanders moment. This can be a third party solution, but it also should be a way to carry a revolutionary option.
The key issue is to prepare. And the whole marxist canon is probably out the window. Redoing that is a big job.
To Sanders followers out there I would say, don’t wreck a year of socialist groundwork for the sake of Clinton. Beating Trump is not the issue at this point. He’s probably a dodo anyway. As noted several months ago, if he wins general insurrection begins forthwith.
Let’s face reality: we are losing a planet, and the time for all this bullshit about the Democratic platform is getting tedious to the point of ennervation. We must act now, and we need a potentially revolutionary movement that can try to ready itself in preparation for the coming chaos. If climate engineering pans out, fine. But we must at least have something ready, starting now.
Keep in mind you are probably dead by now, and your children out of luck. You owe the game the dignity to go down fighting.
Again I mention the reports I am getting from those to the left of me: guerilla warfare against carbon infrastructure. I repeat that simply to scare people into something sane.
We will have to leave such to their own devices, tho inviting them to the Red Forty-eight Group, or some equivalent. We cannot subject anyone to charges of terrorism, and can do as well with confrontational loudmouthing, in public, plus a detailed framework of neo-communism, with or without markets. A revolutionary movement must act at stage 1 with start up legal tactics that can act as shock treatment: the climate stats are almost that already.

The idea of market neo-communism has its alternate: full neo-communism with no halfway measures. But market neo-communism (MNC) could build a far broader support and not invoke a very intractable set of questions about economies at step one. A market communism could get straight the legal constitutional institutional issues of such a radical change. These are not mutually exclusive.

Can such a thing occur without revolution? Let’s recall that the Russian revolution appeared as the Tsarist system simply collapsed. Let us be ready for that moment. As we lose Miami, as Southern Europe joins the Middle East in desertification, that moment will come.
The framework must be detailed and work, with democracy/anarchism/communism in a combination that is dialectically balanced. And it must be failsafed against stalinization.
Think what we could have done with that $200 million.

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