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Now the ugly part: Sanders as a jewish supremacist bait and switch….?

July 13th, 2016 · No Comments


That’s left as a question, so be wary. Rattlesnake terrain. I predicted what happened with Sanders (not especially briliant) but I also promised myself I would ask the above question one year later. I will leave it unanswered, but with Sanders the answer is close to a ‘no’, but it you read the material (from the left) on the issue you will see how insidious it is. But I think Sanders, finally, stepped beyond the issue with his stance on Israel, etc… But in real supremacist logic that is not enough.

We have a right to pursue this question: look at the facts. the left is controlled by jews, and they are snobs who don’t much care for gentiles: Sanders, Naomi Klein, Jill Stein, Noam Chomsky,…the list goes on and on. If we go overseas, the problem fades and we have wholesome lefts.

After sixty years of Israeli depravity we MUST ask such questions, and it remains true that we have lost our democracy to covert manipulation by Israel/the Jewish lobby.

Let me say that I have done what I promised last year, and I think that jewish culture/jewish domination is starting to dissolve. But the reality remains of what happens to those who don’t knuckle under to the Jewish domination effect.

I have asked the question, a year later…and will leave it unanswered. Now eat your heart out. After all that Sanders money, try to create a movement….without that money….we need a very close examination of the Sanders movement, with a clear explanation of the money issue…

Note: the real issue/discussion turns into a conspiracy theory, which will kill discussion, with occult angles, which will really kill discussion.

Before you denounce me as an antisemite (baloney) keep in mind that 1. noone can challenge the jewish lobby in american politics and culture, outrageous, 2. the evidence is strong that Israel had a major role in the 9/11 conspiracy, again beyond public discussion…this situation compromises the objectivity of people as august as Chomsky, so we must ask…

I think in another generation jews/xtians will be close to ‘out’ of their toxic legacies.

….and…we must grant the need to discourse xtian supremacism, and an analogous islamic supremacism. You can find the discussion of buddhist supremacism over at The Gurdjieff Con.

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