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Red Forty-eight Group: options for ditched Sandernistas… the generalized rubric: (market) neo-communism

July 14th, 2016 · No Comments

Sandernistas remind me of the soldiers of Napoleon ditched as the emperor returned to Paris…

The left could use some of the remainders of an instantly dead movement, and it is a dead movement. Don’t think you can hope for a continuation of the Sanders initiative. Sanders went out of his way to undermine his own movement and the result is a lot of supposed ‘socialists’ in a ‘revolution’ left holding an empty bad as Sanders returns to the power zone in Washington.

I challenge straggler Sandernistas to consider a real revolution with something to replace the now defunct term ‘socialism’. Sanders had over ten million votes and raised hundreds of millions. Could we get one million of those or the equivalent, and maybe five million for a movement under the rubric of ‘market neo-communism? If we can’t it is a sorry commentary on the ability of establishment as figures like Sanders to bait and switch radicals. Get your revenge on Sanders by moving left. Is Sanders for real? A CIA op couldn’t have done this better.

The Red Forty-eight Group and market neo-communism are two useful abstractions, so far, not realized entities, that can challenge ‘baloney factor’ socialism and ‘revolution’.

Revolution means a change of government AND a change of constitutional frameworks, as indeed the Founding Fathers suggested. A republic if you can keep it. You/we lost it.

This change of government can happen with an electoral transformation and/or a revolutionary war to effect regime/constitutional change. Anything less it would seem leaves the ‘bourgeoisie’ to do what it pleases with what is left of the American system. Let’s learn. We had a progressive movement. We had a New Deal (under pressure from those dratted oommies). Both have been dismantled. We had robust critiques of capitalist ideology. Mostly forgotten now: Ayn Rand has been deliberately promoted (stealthily) in its place. We almost had a ‘socialist’ for President, but he failed and that didn’t happen. And there is no second chance 4/8 years from now (or is there?). Climate change is accelerating and the controlled Congress wishes to sink the Paris treaty. The TPP is likely to get passed by that stooge Obama during the transition phase after the election and we can be sure that it was Clinton who behind proxies kept the TPP pledge on the platform.

Bernie has now kissed the donkey’s ass and implies his followers should now toe the line. That leaves one with the suspicion that either Bernie was a covert agent trying to sucker punch socialism or such a dunce he was unconsciously in legion with establishment thinking.

Market neo-socialism is an open field, but it has one requirement: abolition of private property, that is large-scale capital/property, which is returned to the Commons, in some sense (not to the state, not state socialism). With that as a constitutional foundation the inexorable ‘social democratic’ farce is switched off from the start. Given that foundation, the nature of the economy to go with it remains a work in progress. We can have markets, corporations, entrepreneurs, but in the context of the Commons. We can have a balance of planned economies and forms of market economies.
This must be accompanied by a new form or government: a republic and democracy. There will be a constitution, rights, but strong limits to economic activity out of control as now with the Exxons simply trashing a planet.

This combination can be flexible with a cut off point or threshold below which small scale economic, agricultural and general cultural activity can proceed with relative autonomy.

The initiative must move to globalize and create a federated system….

We need to not lost those ten plus million people to Clintonia and the oblivion of democratic party robots now programmed to be neo-liberals in disguise.

One million Sandernistas and five million dollars, is that asking too much?….Probably Bernie is going to become a neo-liberal sweet talk artist and he may have befuddled the whole ten million who with intelligent leadership could have now been a true socialist party….
Sanders just wasted ten million progressives. But there are fifty million more out there.

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