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Getting past marxist boilerplate..marxists must be hard of hearing..the issue is not marxism but (neo-) communism which is not marxist private property

July 15th, 2016 · No Comments


I have often critiqued Redline, but obviously they simply ignore such efforts. But I should persist.

Here are some issues:

the term marxism should be dropped, and replaced. The cult of personality of Marx is increasingly counterproductive.
the theory of historical materialism is flawed: the postcapitalist proposition needs a new view of history
Capital is a flawed work Marx could not complete: put it in the museum and restate the issues in terms of the 1848 era
dialectics is an incoherent mess and should be sidelined
dialectics can’t resolve the issues of evolution/revolution
Marx got no further than classical economics, but neoclassical economics emerged to displace his work, among other aspects…

The issue is not marxism but (neo-)communism. Communists are under no obligation to worship in the Marx cult.

The left needs to get cracking, time is running out for a renewed revolutionary project. The world will bypass marxism, like it or not.

New statements of the issues: Last and First Men

Toward a New Communist Manifesto

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