History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Red Forty-eight Group: marxists are running out of time to upgrade their subject: if so, time for a new group to replace them…

July 15th, 2016 · No Comments

Replacing marxism (with some judicious inheritance issues) is a BIG project. Leftists should start now. It is doubtful if it can be done by a group, but…
Marxists have become set in their ways: there is no real revolutionary project…

First, understand the problem. Historical materialism doesn’t work as a theory. So ditch it. So what goes in its place? I have recommended a look at my ‘new model of history’ which can be taken not as a theory but the examination empirically of an historical patterning. This perspective has a number of supersimple forms that can replace leaden theories. Marx was NOT good at theory.

Even as we criticize marxism we must honor its basics without false compromises. We are talking about some kind of communism, period. The path to this can be electoral, but the real meaning of revolution must be the mainline.

A larger world view is needed. Marxists are stuck in nineteenth century positivism. It is a liability.

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