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A complex of opposites and Chomsky on anarchism/communism

July 18th, 2016 · No Comments


Th question of communism and anarchism goes around in circles, here Chomsky has some useful history.
Our discussion of market neo-communism was an attempt to create a balance of opposites: state authority, independent economic bodies planning macro aspects of economies, a constitutional return of capital properties to the Commons, a threshold level below which a more ‘anarchist’ social sphere moves with relative autonomy, etc,…
We can’t simple truncate discussion toward pure anarchism nor toward pure communism (taken as state capitalism, wrongly). We must confront the whole spectrum of dilemmas over the state and that involves in the failure of capitalist pseudo-democracy some hard questions about states, authority, rights and democracy, next to sufficient high level control to neutralize capitalist domination. That’s a difficult set of discussions. But we need more than workers taking over factories. We need a highly complex hybrid that can balance many pairs of opposites.

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