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Wait til Novemenber? Market neo-communism Now, for the Dems, a third party, a revolutionary guerilla war, an internationalist initiative…

July 22nd, 2016 · No Comments

Reich wants us to wait until after November for this party. But why not wait for four years, or eight, to be sure.

I think we should act immediately starting with the convention next week: let us propose a brand of market neo-communism addressed to the platform changes of the Democrats. Failing that we don’t vote for Clinton.

Our formulation of market neo-communism wasn’t directed to hopeless cases like the Democrats, but it is a spectrum of approaches and there is no reason we can’t at least reshuffle a throwaway version for the Convention, to create at least a sense of tension:

a new platform that advocates the abolition of private property (industrial scale)
that proposes new forms of corporate organization (with ownership in the Commons)…
that demands a new politics beyond legalized bribery
that demands a new constitutional foundation…

etc…we have many such lists of what can be proposed. There is absolutely nothing in our demand for revolution that is embarrassed by an attempt to at least toss a paper airplane reference to postcapitalism at the convention, viz. market neo-communism. Sanders raised the question of revolution and socialism and he can’t ask anyone to give up those ideas: his endorsement of Clinton is not a well defined stance…

A small step: market neo-communism proposed for the DNC platform. In your face…embarrass the Dems, noise, guffaws, ..for myself, I have noone to vote for…


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